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    Latest News


    Kelowna’s Lived Experience commitment to healthy community engagement

    Kelowna’s Journey Home Strategy is a strong example of healthy and equitable community engagement, incorporating a Lived Experience Circle made up of individuals with experience living with homelessness or prerious housing.
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    THE ISSUE: Economic Equality

    Healthy Communities foster health by creating environments that support health. Though we often think of physil environments such as Healthy Built Environments and Healthy Natural Environments, the environments within communities that impact our health n also be social, economic, and politil.?
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    A message from our partners at the Ministry of Health: Food bank donations are low

    In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, our?partners at the Ministry of Health have asked us to share the following...
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    “None for anyone”: COVID-19’s impact on community engagement

    In many communities across B.C., most public activities have been halted. These unprecedented times have led to equality in public participation—none for anyone.?
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    World Water Day 2020

    For 2020 the theme of World Water Day is ‘Water and Climate Change’. In this post, we consider how we might share the responsibility of protecting this invaluable resource.
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    Keeping older adults safe and connected

    As we navigate uncharted territory and attempt to keep up with new information, it’s hard to know what to do, but there are some things we n be doing right now.
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    Physil distancing and healthy spacing… without disconnecting

    It seems like until the beginning of March, ‘social isolation’ was a term very few of us in B.C. knew of, confined to the halls of ademia or public health.
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    Reflecting on equity in the COVID-19 pandemic

    Amidst?health advisories,?travel restrictions, ncelled events?in the province and worldwide, BC Healthy Communities is working as an organization to respond.
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    Hey Neighbour! Social connectedness program expands

    In 2018, with support from a PlanH grant, the City of Vancouver?piloted the?Hey Neighbour!?initiative?to explore how resident-led leadership might create more socially-connected buildings.
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    Why we’re excited about the 2020 PlanH Healthy Community Grants

    2020 marks the sixth round of PlanH grants, and this year PlanH will distribute $150,000 to lol governments through two grant streams.
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    About Us

    BC Healthy Communities is a province-wide not-for-profit organization that facilitates the ongoing development of healthy, thriving and resilient communities. We provide a range of resources, programs, funding and fee-for-service offerings that support multi-sectoral groups to collaborate around a shared vision for a common purpose.

    Our Services

    We offer a range of services that reflect our?interdisciplinary team’s?expertise in planning, public health, and community engagement. Our service model is not linear – rather, it reflects the continuous process of improving and strengthening community health and well-being through policy and programs.

    Our Programs

    PlanH supports lol governments creating healthier communities through funding, resources, learning opportunities and leading practices for healthy public policy.

    Learn more about PlanH.

    Our Age-Friendly Community pacity Building program supports communities across the province as they plan for active aging.

    Learn more about Age-friendly pacity Building.

    ElderConnect is a unified, connected, community-based wellness navigation system developed in partnership with the Elderre Foundation.

    Learn more about ElderConnect.

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